Jack-up Drilling Rig (JDR) construction project


To date, the Caspian countries are actively developing oil and gas fields. In this regard, there is an acute shortage of offshore drilling rigs for exploration and development of these sites. So one of the important projects of "KazMunayTeniz" JSC OOC is the realization of the project "Jack-up Drilling Rig" and further use of JDR to provide services for the construction of oil and gas wells in the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea.

The Project is implemented by a specially founded 100% subsidiary “Teniz Burgylau” LLP, which is responsible for the stages of construction and subsequent operation of the rig.

Currently, the design of technical documentation for JDR construction is completed. The rig will be able to provide services for the construction of oil and gas wells up to 6000 m in water depths from 5 to 86 m

Project advantages

Over the period of construction of the JDR it is planned to create 800-1100, both direct and indirect through a subcontract jobs in Mangistau region of Kazakhstan. It is expected that the number of these professionals will include engineers, shipbuilders, administrative personnel, welders, electricians, fitters, etc.

Concerning the creation of a new market segment here may be noted that with the introduction of JDR in operation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the services for the construction of offshore oil and gas wells will be for the first time provided by the Kazakh drilling company. This fact will facilitate the creation of the national scope of offshore drilling services, and thus Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to develop the infrastructure to support oil and gas operations. Construction of the JDR in the Republic of Kazakhstan and its further operation will substantially increase the Kazakh content in the offshore projects, increase the workforce capacity of RK, will contribute to the development of coastal and marine infrastructure, support bases, shipbuilding, will reduce the cost for investment return by mining companies.