Aral project


The Project was implemented under contract No. 341 for carrying out of exploratory works, which validity extended to the “A” Block as well, located in the Aral region d.d. June 30, 1999.

The project participant

"KazMunayTeniz" JSC OOC — 100%.

Performed works in 2005-2007:

  • 2D seismic exploration operations in the volume of 460 line km, including:
  • 210 line km on Kulandy Zapadny structure.
  • 250 line km on Kulandy Vostochny structure.
  • Drilling of 2 prospecting and appraisal wells, including:
    • Construction of exploratory well on Kulandy Zapadny structure, 1850 m deep (2005-2006)
    • Construction of exploratory well on Kulandy Vostochny structure, 2001 m deep (2006-2007)

The project was closed in 2007, in connection with full performance of the exploration scope stipulated by the contract.