Submersible Drilling Rig Сaspian Explorer (SDR)


The identified hydrocarbon resources potential in Kazakhstan, especially in the Kazakh sector of Caspian Sea, in the near future can significantly expand the scope of the oil and gas operations, increase production, processing and transportation of hydrocarbons. An effective implementation of such large-scale oil and gas operations in Caspian Sea should be ensured with advanced formation and development of the appropriate modern production and social infrastructure.

The construction of the floating drilling unit Caspian Explorer is first time conducted in the shipyard “Ersay Construction” of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it is the second drilling unit (after SDR “Sunkar”, Parker Drilling) to be operated under the state flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2008-2009, a series of works to render services for the Korean consortium, and to determine specification and properties of a submersible drilling rig for Zhambyl project was conducted. Whereby, the Korean consortium decided to build the drilling rig in early 2010 and signed the contract.

“Agreement on mobilization and operation of the drilling rig” was signed between JSC NC "KazMunayGas" and the Korean consortium (“KC Kazakh B.V.” and “KC Kazakh Panama s.a.”) on August 25, 2011.

Under this agreement and floating drilling rig construction schedule, completion date was scheduled for June, 2012, upon which the Kazakh subsidiary of the Korean consortium shall place the SDR into trust management to Kazakh company “Teniz Burgylau” LLP (a subsidiary related organization of “KazMunayTeniz” LLP.)

Under the supervision of “KazMunayTeniz” JSC OOC there was taken a series of measures to accelerate the readiness to start the construction of an exploratory well Zhambyl-1.

The production personnel of “Teniz Burgylau” LLP consist of highly qualified local and foreign specialists with experience in the KSCS, and international experience in offshore operations. The staff and number of the personnel correspond to the norms and requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • work on testing devices and equipment being completed;
  • the drilling unit’s name approval ceremony is expected on June 14, 2012;
  • the final putting the SDR into operation with the signing of the appropriate report.

Further plans

  • to obtain all vessel documents and permits;
  • “Teniz Burgylau” LLP to complete the formation of the drill crew;
  • Start of FDU operation and construction of the first well under “Zhambyl” project.

Advantages of the project

With the introduction of the floating drilling unit into service, for the first time, the services for the construction of offshore oil and gas wells will be rendered by Kazakh drilling company in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Construction of the SDR in the Republic of Kazakhstan and its further operation will substantially increase the Kazakh content in offshore projects through the creation of additional jobs, as the regular staff is equal to 126 people, with 112 of them represented by the locals.