Environmental and Labor Protection

The most important priority of the activity of “KazMunayTeniz” LLP in the implementation of offshore projects is to provide an industrial and environmental safety.

All petroleum operations are conducted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan on occupational health and environmental protection, and accompanied by the range of certain activities, which include environmental monitoring in the conduct of offshore petroleum operations, conducting a full-scale baseline environmental studies prior to oil operations in the contract areas in order to study the current state of environmental components, to assess an environmental impact, holding public hearings, insurance of the risks from oil operations, providing employees with special clothing, activities for prevention and elimination of potential emergency situations, collection and transportation of all types of production and consumption waste to the coastal infrastructure for processing and burial, obtaining permits for emissions into the environment, for special water use, environmental payments for emissions into the environment and special water use.

Strict observance of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, internal documents, material and financial support of the environmental protection measures, labor protection, gaining the international best practices allow minimizing environmental and industrial risks in the group of companies of "KazMunayTeniz" LLP OOC.

According to the environmental monitoring of the offshore petroleum operations in the contract areas has not led to a change in air quality, water and sea-floor sediments.

There are no cases of oil spills, fires, accidental emissions and discharges, ship collisions, fatalities.

There have been stepped up the work on the prevention of technological accidents and emergency response; enhanced the interaction with government agencies, specialized organizations and companies regarding the responding to oil spills and establishment of the Association for oil spill. On November 21, 2011 there was signed an agreement "Operational conditions of the Project Group on Emergency Response in the Western Kazakhstan" between "KazMunayTeniz" LLP OOC, "North Caspian Operating Company BV", "ConocoPhillips Block H BV" and "Tengizshevroil" LLP. As part of this Agreement, joint efforts are being made to create the organization for respond to the second level oil spills.

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