Company strategy

KazMunayTeniz will grow as an oil and gas company that holds subsurface rights with developed operatorship competencies in offshore oil and gas projects.

"KazMunayTeniz" Offshore Oil Company Development Strategy until 2022 was approved by the Board of Directors as of February 07, 2014.

The main objective of KMT is the increase in value of the company’s assets to achieve the ambitions established in the Long-term strategy of "KazMunayGas" JSC NC.


Exploration and production of raw hydrocarbons offshore with the concern for preserving the environment and human health.


"KazMunayTeniz" LPP OOC - a leading offshore oil and gas company in the Caspian region, effectively managing offshore oil and gas projects.

Values of «KazMunayTeniz" LPP OOC:

The values of KMT underlie all our decisions and guide our actions.

Responsibility to the Republic of Kazakhstan - the strict observance of the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the standards of environmental and industrial safety.

Responsibility to the Participants - for the results of the Company, to increase its value through efficient management of the asset portfolio.

Goal orientation is to set achievable, clear and ambitious goals.

Effectiveness — the constant achievement of goals and objectives by the most effective way taking into account the possible risks.

Safety — doing business without the threat to life and health of people and damage to the environment, without an emergency.

Fairness — honest and responsible attitude towards themselves, our work, colleagues, partners and society as a whole.

Talent management and leadership (professionalism) — to attract highly qualified staff, appreciated for professionalism, activity, initiative, commitment to continuous improvement and achievement of the Company’s goal. Exchange of experience, effective communication and team spirit.