Quality Policy

(approved by the Decision of the Board of Directors, minutes No. 09/10-3 as of December 9, 2010)

The purpose of LLP OOC "KazMunayTeniz" policy (hereinafter-the KMT) in quality (hereinafter — the Policy) - in a systematic manner to ensure continuous improvement of business processes, management level and the satisfaction of interested parties in the relationship with the KMT in management of projects for exploration, evaluation and development of oil and gas fields in offshore and coastal areas of Caspian and Aral seas.

The achievement of goals in quality policy is provided by the execution of the following principles: 

1. Arrangement and execution of the activities of the Company within the effective system of quality management (hereinafter – the System) meeting the requirements of ISO 9001, other international and national standards.

2. Continuous improvement and enhancement of System’s efficiency. The required level of the quality management is provided by KMT only through complex and systemic approach to solve quality management tasks.      

3. When making and executing decisions KMT is guided by the primary importance to satisfy requests of all interested parties and builds its relations with partners on the basis of mutually profitable cooperation. 

4. Compliance of financial, economic and production indicators of the Company with the expectations of the Participants

5. The active position of the Company’s management as a key factor of efficient quality management.

6. The optimal organization chart of the Company enables the organization departments to execute their functions efficiently and manage the executable processes as a system.  

7. Creation of conditions for deliberate involvement of the Company’s personnel into the quality management process and determination of constant improvement of the processes.

8. Organizations which supply the Company with goods, works and services shall meet the requirements of the legislation and standards for quality management. 

This policy is:

  • the subject of constant analysis and review depending on amendments into legislation, conditions of business environment and activity of KMT;
  • common to KMT, its subsidiaries and affiliates;
  • available for interested parties

The management of the Company assumes a responsibility to define, analyze and constantly improve the effectiveness of the management system and provide necessary resources and conditions for its execution by all employees of the Company.