Basic corporate governance principles

The Company views the corporate governance as a means of enhancing the effectiveness of the Company, strengthening its reputation and reduction in the cost of capital raising. The Company is considering an appropriate system of corporate governance as its contribution to the supremacy of the statute law in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the factor determining its place in the modern economy and society in general.

The corporate governance of the Company is built on the principles of justice, honesty, responsibility, transparency, professionalism and competency. The effective structure of corporate governance involves respect for the rights and interests of all interested parties in the activities of the Company and contributes to the success of the Company, including increasing its value, maintaining financial stability and profitability.

The basic principles for corporate governance are as follows:

  • protection of rights and interests of the Participants;
  • efficient management of the Company by the General Meeting of Participants, Supervisory Board and the General Director;
  • the Company’s independent activity;
  • transparency and accuracy of disclosure of the information about the activities of the Company;
  • lawfulness and ethics;
  • effective dividend policy;
  • effective HR policy;
  • environment protection;
  • regulation of corporate conflicts and conflict of interests;
  • responsibility.