Zhambai project


The project was implemented in accordance with the Production Sharing Agreement for the exploration and production of raw hydrocarbons on offshore sites of the Caspian Sea – Zhambai Yuzhny and Yuzhnoye Zaburunye d.d. December 26, 2001.

The project participants

  • "KazMunayTeniz" JSC OOC — 50%
  • Repsol Exploration Kazakhstan S.A. — 25%
  • KaspianInvestments Zhambai B.V. — 25%.

Social Commitment

  • Annual funding for social projects for the amount of USD$ 150,000 thousand or 0.5% of the annual budget.
  • Annual training of Kazakhstani personnel for 0.5% of the annual budget.

Works completed under the Project:

  • Field Gravimetrical Survey (2001);
  • 2В-Field Seismic Survey, scope of survey — 1041 linear km (2003—2005);
  • Seismic Data Processed and Interpreted (2006);
  • Seismic data Reprocessed and Reinterpreted (2008);
  • Field Geological and Engineering Survey completed (GES) on the site of construction of an exploration well of North Edil Structure (2008).

The project was completed in connection with the expiration of the exploration period.