The project was implemented under the Contract for exploration within Atash area located in the Kazakh sector of Caspian Sea No. 29 as of December 29, 2003.

The project participants

  • "KazMunayTeniz" JSC OOC — 50%
  • "Lukoil Overseas Shelf B.V." — 50%.

Social Commitment

  • Annual training of Kazakhstani personnel for the amount of USD$400 thousand.
  • Annual funding for social projects for the amount of USD$ 400 thousand.

Performed works

  • Detailed 2D seismic operations on structures Atash, Kazakhstan, and Maral in the volume 1509 line km.
  • Interpretation and re-interpretation of the previous seismic data and analysis of geology and geophysics evidence (2004—2005);
  • Electrical exploration works by differential-normalized method in the volume of 533 line km (2006 г.);
  • Thematic work “Analysis and integration of geology and geophysics data on the contractual area Atash”; 
  • Construction of 2500m deep exploratory well Atash-1(2008);
  • Processing of 2D seismic data;
  • Analysis of gas and liquid inclusions by detailed analysis of molecular composition of hydrocarbon deposits of the Triassic, Jurassic, Lower Cretaceous periods (Atash-1 well),     clarification of velocity characteristics by wavefield continuation method (Velink) (2009—2010);
  • Processing of electrical data (Geovisor method);
  • Performance of AVA and inversion.

The project was closed in 2010 due to expiration of the exploration period. "Atash Company" LLP was liquidated in September, 2011.